New Year, Same Me

As 2018 has come to an end and I move full-speed into 2019, I wanted to write a little reflection post about the last year.

Did anyone else feel like 2018 was a difficult one? I sure did. There were many times where the world just felt like one massive dumpster fire. My year was personally filled with significant transitions and challenges, some more painful than others. Despite the hardships, I carried on as best I could.

When things felt especially difficult, I reflected on an inspirational phrase created by some pretty inspiring friends and co-conspirators at the Girls Rock Camp Alliance:

“Even when the world is scary, joy is revolutionary.”

Joy can be defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. For me, the most joyous moments of 2018 came in the form of relationships. Over the years, I’ve cultivated some remarkable friendships. I am continuously in awe of the people in my life who inspire me each and every day. Y’all are some brilliant, kind, funny, and resilient folks.

Throughout this especially difficult year, my friends were always there for me. They were willing to listen, to give advice, to distract me, to challenge me, to just be present. They supported me in ways I often feel I can never fully match. I am truly blessed to have such a solid community and network of people around me. Thank you, all of you, for bringing such joy to my life. You help me feel braver and more capable.

So cheers to 2019! Another year of strengthening new and old friendships and loving each of you [and myself] more fully and honestly.