The Rural South

This past weekend, I took a short road trip to Lake City, South Carolina. Lake City is home to ArtFields, an annual art competition. Interestingly enough, Lake City is also home to 'one of the largest green bean markets in the world during its heyday'. Anyway, one of my photographs was selected for the competition and I needed to retrieve the framed print from the gallery where it was on display. Regardless of the reason for my visit, it was a great day for a casual drive across the South Carolina countryside.

While there are a handful of routes between Charleston and Lake City, I prioritized taking the less busy, less dense route through rural South Carolina. The route included driving through Francis Marion National Forest, passing miles and miles of farmland, and seeing countless 'Jesus Saves' signs. Lucky for me, my friend Colton kept me company on the drive. We stopped at a few abandoned structures along the way, ate at a quaint dive called the Scranton Cafe, and caught up over the course of the drive.

At first glance, Lake City can seem quite unremarkable. I imagine this is the case for many of the aged cities in the rural south. But something about the town is captivating. For me, it could be the rural aspects of the city - the abandoned structures and the miles and miles of farmland.