Aloha from Hawaii

Hi there! I'm currently on vacation in Hawaii visiting my family. In my younger days, I lived in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. My mother was born and raised in Hawaii and most of her family still resides here. My parents met here years ago while my father was stationed at Pearl Harbor early on in his Navy career. My brother and I were fortunate to spend time on Oahu as kids.

Later this month, my maternal grandmother turns 80. I am extremely thankful to spend this time with her. I feel a particular closeness to her because she's the only grandparent I've had the opportunity to develop a relationship with during my lifetime. My brother, Bryan, also lives in Hawaii. He's planning on moving back to Japan in the upcoming months.  It feels extra special being able to hang out with him before his big move.

It has been quite some time since I've lived in Hawaii - roughly 16 years. My family moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1999. I still visit the Aloha state every two years or so and enjoy playing 'tourist' while I'm here. I also make it a point to indulge in the local cuisine.

So far, it has been a nostalgic trip for me. Today, I visited my elementary school, the soccer fields I used to play on, and also grabbed a scoop of ice cream from a shop I haven't visited since I was 12. It's always interesting to see what has changed (and what hasn't). I plan on doing some site seeing this week. Until then, enjoy a few photographs I've taken since being here: