Abandoned Spaces

Over the past few years, I have focused on documenting some of the lesser known areas of Charleston - or maybe just the ones that aren't placed in the spotlight each time Charleston is named a top vacation destination. Beyond rainbow row, Market Street, and the million dollar homes that line Battery Park, I see a Charleston that I call home.

I was three when my family first moved to Charleston. My father, now retired from the Navy, was stationed at the Navy base in Charleston. Three years later, the Navy decided to close the shipyard so my father was forced to put in his transfer. Lucky for me, he got Pearl Harbor and I was able to spend a good portion of my childhood with my mom's family in Hawaii. 

Years later, after my father's retirement from the Navy, my family returned to Charleston. The former shipyard has now become a mixed-use area for the city of North Charleston - called The Navy Yard at Noisette. There are still remnants of the old shipyard, including abandoned military facilities that occupy the former base.

I recently visited one of my favorite abandoned spaces at the old shipyard. These are a few photographs from my adventure: