Letter Writing

While I may not update my website blog as much as I could, I still write in my journal regularly. It has always been a great way to practice self-awareness. Writing to myself helps me process thoughts + feelings. For as much as I love writing in my journal, I realized that I wanted to also share some of these thoughts and feelings with other people. So, over the last couple of years, I have become a huge advocate for letter writing.


There is something uniquely special about receiving a hand written letter. Also, have you ever met someone who didn't enjoy receiving postal correspondence? I haven't.

For me, the process of writing a letter is also special. Whether a long-time friend or a newly acquired pen pal, I put a piece of myself into every letter I write. I share my thoughts and my feelings. Sometimes I write about my upcoming plans to travel. Other times, I write about the weather or something delicious I recently ate. Regardless of the content, it's just me and my thoughts in that moment.

To my pen pals, you have no idea how special each of you are to me.