I have been a resident of Elliotborough, a neighborhood in Charleston, for 8 months now. It's a diverse part of the downtown peninsula with a mix of old and new, residential spaces and small businesses, bakeries and bars, and a handful of charming restaurants.

Every day, I notice something new about Elliotborough. Lately, I have been interested in exploring the streets in search of run down and abandoned homes - my neighborhood is full of them. Gentrification is becoming a greater issue in Charleston and it is apparent in Elliotborough. Next door to me is an abandoned house. The home is now a shell of its former self – balcony gone, windows boarded, overgrown yard. Down the street from my house is a modern, three-story home. A few houses down from that is a visibly neglected building - covered in rotting wood planks and curled paint.

These are just a few examples of what I see on a day-to-day basis. I have made it a point to document these buildings, to showcase how Elliotborough looks to me. I am developing a new body of work dedicated to my neighborhood. Below are a few of the photographs I have taken so far.