Sunsets + TTV Photography

To me, there are are few things more relaxing than watching the sun rise and set. Occasionally, I enjoy sitting alone to take in the beginning or end of a day. One of my favorite places to view sunrise and sunset is Folly Beach. This past weekend, I sat in isolation to enjoy the sun setting over the Folly River.


Lately, I have been wanting to develop a series of photographs taken through the viewfinders of old film cameras. Instead of eliminating the frame of the camera, something that is typical with through the viewfinder (TTV) photography, I prefer to include the camera and surface that the camera is resting on. An example of this is below:


I have found that twin-lens reflex cameras work best. I can shoot downward at the viewfinder while the viewfinder displays the scene in front of the camera. Be on the lookout for some more TTV photographs coming your way.