Cut The Cuts!

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"Politicians in the South Carolina State Legislature have taken action to punish USC Upstate and the College of Charleston for assigning LGBTQ-themed books for their freshman reading programs through slashing the budgets of these institutions in an amendment to the state budget bill. The bill, which is currently in the Senate Finance Committee, passed through the House of Representatives in mid-March with the amendment containing the cuts intact.

Not only is this a blatant attack on academic freedom, it is part of a long history of attacks on LGBTQ people by conservatives inside and outside of the SC Legislature. It's outdated, it's unacceptable, it's antidemocratic, and its time that we as queer people and our allies in South Carolina let Garry Smith (the original sponsor of the cuts) and other legislators know that this state is our home too, we will not be moved by their efforts to erase us, and we are fighting back.

This attack is not just about the roughly $70,000 that USC Upstate and CofC combined will likely not receive this year. This is about creating hostile environments for LGBTQ students, faculty and staff members in our publicly-funded academic institutions. It's about using legislative power to silence the voices and invisibilize the lives of LGBTQ South Carolinian residents.

But we will not be silenced. Rep. Garry Smith, we are putting you on notice."

This past weekend, I attended and documented "Cut The Cuts! Rally for Our Stories". The rally, held on the College of Charleston campus, featured guest speakers and performances, a photo booth, and inspiring energy.

Below are some photographs from Cut The Cuts: