I realize this post is a little late (it's already February) but I wanted to publish my resolutions. For me, resolutions serve as a guide. They keep me on track with my goals and aspirations.

Some key resolutions for this year include:

Write, write, write.

I want to be more disciplined about maintaining my blog. Also, I want to make a dent in the novel I've been working on for the past 4 years. Basically, I want to write as much as possible.

Be more assertive.

I want to work on not being such a pushover. Essentially, I need to speak up for myself.

Cook more/eat better.

This is something I've struggled with for some time. Instead of taking the easy way out (constantly going out to eat), I want to prepare more meals at home - and eat more greens.

Cross something off my bucket list.

I'm not exactly sure what item will be crossed off this year. Hopefully, it will be more than one. Lately, I have been brushing up on my German. Perhaps I'll master a foreign language?

Clear out the "clutter".

This applies to both literal and figurative clutter. I want to focus my time and energy on the people/places/things that add value to my life. I want to cut out the people who take away more than they build up. I want to spend less time on tasks that do not inspire me or help me grow.

Write more letters.

I love writing letters yet it is something that I don't do often enough. Does anyone want to be my pen pal?