Creative Collaboration

While creative individuals are often seen and/or portrayed as recluses, creativity can often thrive on sharing and collaboration. Working with others creates a space where feedback is welcome and ideas are exchanged.

Like many of us, I have the tendency to get derailed while working on projects. I start off strong but, despite the best intentions, the steam fades. Instead of constantly being stuck in this predicament, I want to do better.

My friend Lynn, founder of Homoground, also struggles with staying on track. We decided to engage in weekly “check-ins” in order to hold each other accountable for our respective projects. So far, it has been a rewarding experience. We even began reading Do More Great Work together. As we read the book, we are completing the map exercises that go along with the literature. It’s like having homework assignments as an adult but way more interesting than trigonometry or lab reports.

Map 1 involved assigning percentages to the amount of great/good/bad work we do. I estimated that about 50 percent of my work is good, while only 15 percent is great. That means 35 percent of the work I do is bad. Upon self-analysis, it seems as though I struggle with conceptualizing big picture ideas and staying on track. Lynn and I also realized that our strengths and weaknesses tend to complement each other. I guess you could say we’re a good collaborative match!