Cry Club

I'm an organizer for a local, grassroots organization called Girls Rock Charleston (GRC). GRC aims to empower girls and transgender youth through music education, DIY media, and creative collaboration. We believe that music is a powerful vehicle for social change, therefore we offer an after school and summer camp program for Charleston area youth ages 9-17 that focuses on music education, local social justice history, and leadership development. Participants also form bands, learn either guitar, bass, drums, or keys, and write and rehearse original songs for a live showcase event.

This year, we decided to host our first ever Volunteer + Supporter Showcase where bands, comprised entirely of GRC volunteers and supporters, perform live. Over a two-month period, each of the 7 bands, including both skilled and unskilled musicians, met to write and practice original songs. We often encourage our program participants to take risks and be vulnerable so it's only fitting that we also push ourselves to take risks and be vulnerable, too.


Over the last few months, I have been learning how to play the guitar. My band, Cry Club (pictured above), debuted 2 original songs (and one cover) at our Volunteer + Supporter Showcase held on Saturday, October 18.

The experience is one that I'll never forget. As a band, we collaborated, supported each other, and, most importantly, did the damn thing. I plan on continuing to play music and will report back on any projects I get involved with.

Rock on.