Why Writing?

The first word I ever wrote was 'mama.' Since that first word, I have written hundreds of words, thousands of sentences, and countless pages of text. I've written papers, blog posts, blurbs, and guides. As I stroke the keys and letters appear on the screen before me, I feel a sense of release.

journal writing

I began keeping a journal my junior year of college. I was coping with anxiety and found writing to be a therapeutic experience. I wrote because I had thoughts and feelings that I didn't want to share with anyone else. I wrote because it cleared my mind. Reading through old journals, I've had the opportunity to see my personal growth over the years. Seeing where I was six years ago makes me more thankful to be where I am today. And yes, I still write in my journal regularly.

After college, I began blogging. Topics ranged from musicians I liked to products I wanted to share with the world (the viewers of my blog). Through my writing, I invited readers to view life from my perspective - through my lens.  The invitation stands to this day.

I still write and will continue to write because I can't fathom not writing. This is my creative outlet. This is so much a part of who I am.