Feel The Fear

During my last semester of college, I passed the same church twice a week as I briskly walked across campus between classes. The church maintained a lawn sign that was updated periodically. One morning, I noticed a quote that stopped me in my tracks. It read, “Fear is a little dark room where negatives are developed.” The quote has stuck with me over the years, and it is something I think about every time I recognize my own apprehension.

Uncertainty consumes us. Fear breeds negativity. Why wouldn’t it? We invest so much of ourselves in projects/ relationships/school/work/etc. We experience all types of fear – fear of failure, rejection, and inadequacy, just to name a few.

Fear exists no matter how much confidence we possess. That being said, we can’t let fear be a car boot on our lives. The only constant in life is that everything is changing. While life isn't entirely in our control, we do have control over our actions. And we can choose to resist being derailed by fear.